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Hiring the Best Qualities of a Good EdTech Team - a group of people sit around a table working together

Hiring the Best: Qualities of a Good EdTech Team

Key takeaways EdTech teams should have a good foundation in pedagogy, technical expertise and innovative abilities, and soft skills such as collaboration and communication.


EdTech, or Educational Technology, plays a crucial role in modern education, particularly in online learning. It encompasses the use of digital tools and resources to enhance teaching and learning experiences. EdTech has the potential to revolutionise education by making it more accessible, engaging, and personalised. It can also provide students with opportunities to learn at their own pace, collaborate with peers, and acquire new skills dynamically and interactively.

Because of its importance in education, decision-makers in higher education institutions should recognise the importance of building a strong EdTech team. This article highlights some of the best qualities you should look out for in candidates when building or expanding your institution's team.


Hiring the Best Qualities of a Good EdTech Team - a group of people sit around a table working together


What are the key qualities of a good EdTech team?

When hiring an EdTech team, it's important to know which key qualities you should look out for to build the strongest team for your institution. Here are a few examples of qualities we'd recommend you focus on during the hiring process.

Ensure a strong foundation in pedagogy

Any member of a good EdTech team should of course have a strong foundation in pedagogy. They should be familiar with different teaching and learning approaches and be able to integrate technology to enhance them. They should also be able to analyse educational data and use it to inform decision-making and improve learning outcomes.


Hiring the Best Qualities of a Good EdTech Team - an outline of a lightbulb as a persons brain


Ensure technical expertise and innovation

To ensure technical expertise and innovation in your EdTech team, it is important to assess their knowledge and experience in the field of education technology. Look for candidates with a strong background in or using EdTech, or at least a strong interest in it. Consider their previous work experience in designing and implementing EdTech solutions and their current knowledge of the field.

We recommend that during the hiring process, institutions ask candidates about their familiarity with different technologies and tools used in education. Don't forget to inquire about their experience in developing innovative solutions or incorporating emerging technologies in educational settings.

Additionally, consider their ability to stay updated with the latest trends and advancements in EdTech. Look for candidates who actively participate in professional development activities, attend conferences and workshops, and/or engage in online communities related to EdTech and online learning. This demonstrates their commitment to continuous learning and passion for innovation in education.

Another important factor to consider is a candidate's understanding of digital security. Making sure that all data is kept safe and secure when using any educational technology is paramount, so ensuring your team have a strong knowledge of digital security is important, too.


Hiring the Best Qualities of a Good EdTech Team - four chess pawn pieces next to each other


Emphasise collaboration and communication skills

Collaboration and communication skills are essential for an EdTech team to work effectively with educators, administrators, and other stakeholders. During the hiring process, assess candidates' ability to work in teams and their experience collaborating with others professionally and successfully in educational settings.

We recommend asking candidates about their experience in working with educators to design and implement technology-enhanced lessons or projects. Inquire about their ability to gather feedback from teachers and students and incorporate it into their work. It's also beneficial to look for candidates who have strong interpersonal skills and can build positive relationships with different stakeholders at different levels.

Communication skills are also important for an EdTech team to effectively convey their ideas and recommendations to different audiences. Assess candidates' abilities to articulate complex ideas clearly and concisely. We also recommend looking for candidates who can adapt their communication style to different audiences, whether it be teachers, administrators, students, or technical staff.

Furthermore, consider candidates' other soft skills, such as the ability to listen actively and empathetically. A good EdTech team should be able to understand the needs and challenges of educators and students and respond to them effectively, which requires strong communication and interpersonal skills.


Hiring the Best Qualities of a Good EdTech Team - a list of qualities we recommend


Overall, a good EdTech team will understand the needs and challenges of educators, students, and the education system as a whole. They are aware of the potential benefits and limitations of different technologies and can design and implement effective solutions that align with educational goals. This understanding allows them to make informed decisions and contribute to the overall improvement of the education system.